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Financial advice to help you manage, grow and protect your wealth.

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A financial plan is about more than just money. It’s about freely living your life without worrying about your finances. It’s confidence and excitement about your future.
It’s leaving a legacy for the next generation.

At Anchorage Wealth we help you navigate your financial life.

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At Anchorage Wealth, our goal is to help you reach your potential, whether you are just getting started, building your wealth, preparing for retirement or enjoying life after work.

You want to buy your dream home, expand your family and grow your wealth.
It’s time to pay down debt, protect your wealth and grow your assets.
You want to be confident that you will have enough money to enjoy life after work.
You would like to leave a legacy for your kids and ensure you don’t run out of money.

We make the complex simple.

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Welcome to Anchorage Wealth Management: Your safe harbour for financial prosperity.

In the vast sea of financial management, where the waters are often turbulent end horizons filled with uncertainty, anchorage wealth management stands as your steadfast anchorage just as an anchorage provides a safe haven for ships, shielding them from storms and hazards, we offer you a sanctuary from the complexities of challenges of modern financial management. In today’s world, where information both beneficial and misleading is abundant and the financial pitfalls lurk unseen, the importance of astute navigation through these waters cannot be overstated.

At Anchorage Wealth Management we believe the cornerstone of successful financial stewardship is not just the acquisition of information, but the application of the right knowledge tailored to your unique individual circumstances. Our commitment to you is more than just advisory, it’s a trusted partnership. With us, you will confidently navigate through financial turbulence, steer clear of hidden dangers, and make informed, prudent decisions to cultivate, expand and safeguard your wealth.

Our services: Customised financial solutions for you

We understand that your financial goals and situation are unique. That’s why our services are as diverse as the needs of those we serve, offering bespoke financial advice across multiple domains:

  • Investments: crafting personalised investment strategies that align with your risk tolerance and financial aspirations
  • Superannuation: navigating the complexities of superannuation to maximise your retirement savings
  • Personal insurance: ensuring you and your loved ones are protected against life’s uncertainties.
  • Retirement planning: designing a roadmap for a financially secure and fulfilling retirement.
  • Estate Planning: establishing a legacy that reflects your wishes and benefits you heirs you.

Your journey to financial success with Anchorage Wealth Management

At Anchorage Wealth Management we’re dedicated to guiding you to financial success and wellbeing with clarity, integrity, and a personalised approach. We provide a secure base from which you can confidently set sail towards your financial goals, offering strategic planning, precise navigation and a commitment to your long-term prosperity.

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Edwin Bae

Financial Planner

Edwin has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. He began his career in 2001 at Perpetual Investments and worked for large financial institutions including CommSec and BT Financial Group before commencing his profession as a financial adviser at NAB in 2008.  He has over 13 years of practitioner experience as a financial adviser.

Edwin set up his own franchised financial advice business with FinChoice in January 2020 and soon established his own Financial Advice Practice: Anchorage Wealth Management in 2021.  Edwin is passionate about financial advice and the significant benefits it provides to those who take the step and seek good financial advice. He believes the essence of delivering good financial advice include the following without compromise:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

Edwin holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning and is FASEA Degree qualified.  He has successfully passed the all-important National Government exam in 2019 which is mandatory for all financial advice practitioners. He is a Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FchFP®) with the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and a registered Tax (Financial) Adviser with the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB).

Jane Brown

Head Accountant

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